Please carefully read this lesson policy as it outlines information and goals for both the student and the parent before, during, and after the lessons take place.

Lesson Duration

Lessons can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes in length. This includes time for unpacking the instrument, getting settled in the lesson area, and any conversations between the tutor and student or parent. In the event that the tutor is delayed for any reason, including previous lessons or traveling traffic, the lesson fee will be calculated and subtracted accordingly, unless the student/parent/tutor agree to hold the lesson for the full time from the time of arrival. Likewise, early arrival and start of the lesson will end after the allotted time from arrival. Prompt attendance is required for both student and tutor.

Cancellation Policy

Each student will have a specific time slot on the same day each week. If you have to cancel a lesson, please let the tutor and Princeton Home Music Lessons LLC know by 8:00am the day of the lesson. Lesson cancellation is only valid if you receive a reply or confirmation from the tutor or Princeton Home Music Lessons LLC. Otherwise, a fee of 50% of the lesson cost will be required for the missed lesson. A no-show will be considered a missed lesson, and the 50% fee will be applied. Any further allowances will be left to Princeton Home Music Lessons LLC discretion. 

Lesson Termination

One-week notice is required for termination of lessons. This is out of scheduling respect for the tutor. If parent/student chooses to terminate lessons due immediately, the next week’s lesson will be billed accordingly regardless of attendance. 


Princeton Home Music Lessons LLC must receive payment for each lesson before the start of the lesson. Payment can be in the form of PayPal, credit card (through email/PayPal), or a check made out to “Princeton Home Music Lessons LLC” mailed to:

Princeton Home Music Lessons
6613 Ravens Crest Dr.
Plainsboro, NJ 08536

Parent Involvement

A parent or guardian must be present for the duration of the lesson. Attendance at home during the lesson and support of home practice is required. Parents are required to be respectful of the time between the tutor/student and should not interfere with the learning process. 


Students are expected to be responsible, polite, and respectful during each lesson. The tutor reserves the right to end the lesson early due to behavior issues.

Practice Time

Practice time during the week is expected. The amount will be based on recommendation, student dedication and schedule.. It is very important to the student’s musical growth that he/she practices the lesson material on a regular basis, and lack of practice will only hinder progress and preparedness at lessons and in the student’s other musical ensembles. 


By enrolling in or attending a Princeton Home Music Lessons LLC private lesson, the parent and student is demonstrating that they agree and will cooperate with the lesson policy. Princeton Home Music Lessons LLC reserves the right to terminate lessons at any time due to any violations of the above contract.


AGREEMENT: I hereby give permission for my child to participate in his/her music lesson and assume the risk thereof and I do agree for my child at all times to keep the said company, Princeton Home Music Lessons LLC and tutors, free, harmless and indemnified from any and all liability for any injury my child might sustain as the result of said participation. It is understood that participation does not provide any insurance coverage for the student. The tutor has been made aware of any food allergies as well as any applicable disabilities or restrictions that may alter participation in the music lessons.