Bringing the best music teachers right to your front door!

Brass instructor Cesar Rainho

Brass instructor Cesar Rainho

Our highly skilled, caring, and motivated instructors take the hassle out of traveling to the lesson- they come right to your front door each and every week so you can enjoy the comfort and safety of your own home during the learning process.





Why choose Princeton Home Music Lessons?

Brass instructor Patrick Murphy

Brass instructor Patrick Murphy


-       No sign-up fee

-       No contract or long-term commitment

-       No traveling- learn at home

-       Expert educators

-       All ages and ability levels welcome

-       All instruments

-       Flexible schedules

-       Pay weekly


“Students of all ages and ability levels should have access to the highest quality music lessons available.”

— Dave Pollack, owner


Our teachers have many years of both teaching and performing experience, which is vital in creating a successful and well-rounded educator. Under their guidance, students will learn the necessary skills to perform, understand, and love music, including: Performance and audition preparation, technique building, tone production, improvisation, theory, and much more. 


Expert music educators are ready to travel anywhere in central New Jersey!


Woodwind instructor Matt Janiszewski

Woodwind instructor Matt Janiszewski